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How can you make money from android apps?

android apps on Samsung Galaxy Tab: 15 Best Android Applications
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I am taking a class on programming android apps. I want to find a way to make money from my app. It is a app that helps people find the latest events at their universities. How can I monetize it?

Thats a good idea for a app, Jason. Try your best to make it happen!

To answer your question about making money from apps, there are a couple of ways you can do this. One, you can always charge people to use your app, but I don't recommend this. Based on my experience from making apps, I noticed that free apps always have a ton of more users than paid apps. Your userbase will reduce by at least 50% if you charge people to download the app.

So my recommendation would be to provide a free app, and monetize it somehow like using ads, premium content, and other things. Since you said your app is about the latest events at universities, you can always charge people to put their events at the top!

Good luck!

How to download android apps on to a blackberry playbook without using a computer?


I want to download android apps on to my playbook without using a computer please help?


What programming languages can be used to devolp android apps?


i want to make android apps, but i want to know what programming languages are compatible with android, like is html compatible? or can it run regular java or mobile?

The language primarily used for Android is Java. HTML is not a language. Android is a distribution of Linux and C/C++ is usually used for Linux and it is poosible to do Android development using C++. It is also possible to use C# for Android. There are other languages that could possibly be used.

You can develop applications using HTML and JavaScript.

I suggest starting using Java and the Android SDK. I don't kno what book is good for learning. I am reading Pro Android (ISBN-13: 978-1-4302-1596-7) but you might need a separte book for Java. I am not sure if I recommend Pro Android; it might be too advnaced for you.

How do i install android apps to my tablet without the market?


The title says it all!How do i install android apps to my tablet without the market?

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