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why the Incorrect login credentials on my android smartphone?

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I have 2 yahoo accounts setup on my android smartphone. As of yesterday, both are giving an 'incorrect login credential' error. I have not made any changes to my yahoo accounts. I've tried to delete them and setup again but I get the same error.

Any thoughts?

Hi Karen,

In order to prevent an "Invalid Credentials" error from occurring on your Android device, disable two-factor authentication:

1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Account page:

2. Click "Set up your second sign-in verification."

3. Make sure the checkbox for "Your second sign-in verification is turned on" is unchecked.

Note: If you only see an unchecked box that reads "Check this box to turn on the second sign-in verification," it is already unchecked.

Before continuing, remove your Yahoo! Mail details from your device entirely, then re-add your Yahoo! Mail account and attempt to access your account again.

How much data/internet mb does a normal android smartphone use?

Gloop Glob

I am thinking on getting the 200 mb web/data plan with an android smarphone. How much data/web will an android smartphone use if you don't browse the web, just the homescreen has a weather app and another screen has the facebook app and the other screen has an email app. How much web/data will it use in a month?

It's really going to depend on how frequently you use these apps.

The weather app won't use much data at all, but the email and facebook apps could easily use a few megabytes each time you access them.

If you're only going to access these a few times a day, 200MB is probably OK.

If you plan on checking and posting a lot, then you may want to see about getting a higher limit - at least for a month so you can find out what your real usage is going to be like.

Can I root an Android smartphone which warranty date has expired?


I want to know that can I root an Android smartphone which warranty time or date has expired. Or I have to root it before its warranty time expired?
please answer if u know correctly.

it does not matter weather your wwarranty has expired or not you can root it.Infact it is good that your phones warranty has expired so that you will not violate the warranty of the phone.

What do you think is the current best android smartphone?


My Xperia X10's contract is nearly finished so I want a new android smartphone.
Which do you think is the best?
I'm thinking Samsung Galaxy S...?
What do you guys think?

Samsung galaxy S is still amazing despite being a year old. I think it retails around £220 now but still beats HTC desire S which is £100 more and all the phone within its price group.
However if you got the extra cash then go for the Samsung galaxy S II. They have improved upon the sgs in every single category. Its not like apple where they just made minor changes and then made it out like its evolutionary.

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