Friday, March 29, 2013

Where can I find level guides for the android game refraction?

android game
 on Asphalt 5 HD Android Games Screenshot 2
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I am stuck on quite a few levels on the android game refraction and need some help. Anyone know where to find solutions / level guides / walktrhoughs?

There is a great site that has level guides / solutions at

What is the usual file size of Android games?


I'm planning to buy an Android phone. It has a small internal memory, so I'm trying to find out how many games I can install. I need to know the usual size of an Android game (the game not the installer). Also, how large are HD games like the ones from Gameloft?

3D "HD" games are often 50MB installers, but take up up to 70MB once fully installed. Not many games take this much, Angry Birds Space is 28MB, Facebook is 12MB, but out of 125 apps on my phone, 100 of them are under 10MB. You can also find substitutes for some apps, like FBM is a Facebook replacement that uses the mobile web version, and it is a 600KB download.

What can I use to MAKE Android games?


I would like to know how to MAKE Android games. Every time I ask, I get answers to game downloads and app makers that can't make games. I just want to know what I can use to make my own games. Thank you.

first off, the ? poster is totally wrong. Android uses java, not C++.

Second, look into the videos at ThNewBoston. They have 200 android video tutorials from setting up the program to write app and finishes with publishing the app. Not every video deals with games, but it'd be best to watch them all to learn.

Is it possible to get an Android game on a Blackberry Torch?


I've been wanting to get the Android game "Bubble Shoot" on my Blackberry Torch.
A screenshot of the game is this:

Is there any possible way that I could get this game on my phone?


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