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What is the best Android smartphone with Verizon?

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I'm looking to upgrade to a Android smartphone with Verizon Wireless. That has a good battery life.

Funny you should say that because there is actually a video on YouTube by phone dog stating the top 5 Verizon phones! Here's the link: The first two phones he mentions though are not Android but the other 3 are! Hope this helps. Can't really give much more information because I don't live in the USA!

why the Incorrect login credentials on my android smartphone?


I have 2 yahoo accounts setup on my android smartphone. As of yesterday, both are giving an 'incorrect login credential' error. I have not made any changes to my yahoo accounts. I've tried to delete them and setup again but I get the same error.

Any thoughts?

Hi Karen,

In order to prevent an "Invalid Credentials" error from occurring on your Android device, disable two-factor authentication:

1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Account page:

2. Click "Set up your second sign-in verification."

3. Make sure the checkbox for "Your second sign-in verification is turned on" is unchecked.

Note: If you only see an unchecked box that reads "Check this box to turn on the second sign-in verification," it is already unchecked.

Before continuing, remove your Yahoo! Mail details from your device entirely, then re-add your Yahoo! Mail account and attempt to access your account again.

Does virgin mobile allow tethering on a android smartphone?

Tyler Brow

I have a android smartphone and I pay 50 dollars a month for unlimited text, calling, ect.
I was wondering is it ok to tether my phone's internet service onto a laptop without them
cutting my service altogether. Like, are they for, or against it?

And also, is it free or will they charge?


How much data/internet mb does a normal android smartphone use?

Gloop Glob

I am thinking on getting the 200 mb web/data plan with an android smarphone. How much data/web will an android smartphone use if you don't browse the web, just the homescreen has a weather app and another screen has the facebook app and the other screen has an email app. How much web/data will it use in a month?

It's really going to depend on how frequently you use these apps.

The weather app won't use much data at all, but the email and facebook apps could easily use a few megabytes each time you access them.

If you're only going to access these a few times a day, 200MB is probably OK.

If you plan on checking and posting a lot, then you may want to see about getting a higher limit - at least for a month so you can find out what your real usage is going to be like.

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