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What are some free alternative to make AND sell android games?

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 on Mario's Many Android Games - IGN
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There's a lot of free android game maker out there but if you want to the games you have to pay a lot of money :/. If there's at least a cheap way (etc 30 USD~) I'd love to buy it ,but I prefer free.
preferrably a game maker/studio or something like that
Java is quite hard if you're just doing it on your spare time :/
thenewboston is a good site though :D...

yes, it's called LEARN JAVA. it's not that hard.

How can I insert android games/apps to my playbook?


I want to insert android game/apps to my playbook but how? I've been hearing a lot that you can do that, so I was wondering.. how?

android apps are being ported to the blackberry app world
but if you want to do it manually you have 3 choices
you can either get the app and then use the blackberry program to port it to the playbook
or you can upload it to a specific site and they will do it for you
or you can install the google play store on your playbook
check the link below
hope i helped :)
and if you got any question you can email me at

How do you make an android game?


Well I know you use the android SDK but my question is about the basic stucture of the game I know in java applet you write most of the code in run() but how is it in android can somebody post me an example of some basic android code and also is the android game just movable pictures or is it made in an certain component?

Try this

What are the best free android games?


I'm looking for free, fun, and appropriate android games.

The best free Android games are...

âParadise island
âAngry Bird

See more in this link:

Good luck!

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